Nottingham: Farro’s Grillhouse

Birmingham is flooded with restaurants so last weekend my girls and I decided to venture out a little and try Farro’s in Nottingham.

It took us around an hour to get there and it was busy on arrival but we got our table within 10 minutes.

We were pretty hungry so ordered nachos as a starter alongside our main meal.

The nachos were mehhh – a positive would be that they use toasted tortillas and not Dorito’s which a lot of places use. They came with salsa, sour cream and cheese which would’ve been nicer if it was a sauce. For £6.95 we expected better but it wasn’t the worst we’ve had.

I had the Mexican burger with peri-chips which was £9.95 and stacked with:

  • Salsa, mayo
  • Jalapeños
  • Chicken fillet
  • Nachos
  • Cheese
  • Tomato, onion, lettuce

For me the burger was average so I won’t be rushing back for it!


This burger is pretty big so I only managed to eat half – I got the rest of it packed. The only Mexican thing about the burger was the fact that it had nachos inside as the salsa lacked flavour and the jalapeños didn’t have a hit in them either.  Compared to burgers in places like Slam or Tru Burger in Birmingham, this missed the mark.

My dad ate the other half the next day and he didn’t like it at all! This could be because he ate it cold and the following morning so ya know!

Raspberry Cooler Mojito

Minnie had the American burger (£9.45) which in her own words she describes as ‘A1 but the chicken was shaped like a star which I didn’t appreciate.’😂😂 I don’t have a picture but the chicken in her burger was literally falling out of the bun!

Amara had the chicken sizzler with pasta (£9.95) which in her own words she describes as ‘the chicken wasn’t that great and I wouldn’t go back.’ Again I don’t have a picture but it didn’t look very appetising and it was something I would normally order so glad I didn’t.

Nadu ordered the rump steak with normal chips (£12.95) and she really enjoyed her meal. In her own words she said ‘steak was amazing, marinated and cooked to perfection (medium to well done) however it did upset my stomach.’ I did try a bit of her meal and it was cooked SO WELL! Recommend this if you’re going to Farro’s!

Rump Steak

All in all, the food at Farro’s was pretty average!

If you’re from Nottingham then I guess it’s decent enough to check out. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone outside of Nottingham tbh, just go to Birmingham instead. Head to Ladypool Road and take your pick!

The restaurant is fully halal and with a menu that covers Portuguese, Italian and grilled food, you may just find something that you like.

The address is:

171 Mansfield Road



2 thoughts on “Nottingham: Farro’s Grillhouse

  1. Nice to see an honest review! Definitely doesn’t look like a place I’d visit but then that is quite a long way from me in Coventry! Thanks for sharing

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