Birmingham: Alaturka Turkish Cuisine


Sooo is anybody else obsessed with Turkey at the moment?!

I think pretty much everyone I know is watching a Turkish drama – thanks to Ertugrul on Netflix my dad has become the biggest geek when it comes to all things Turkey and Ottoman Empire. He’s so obsessed that any convo we have isn’t complete till he’s told at least one story or anecdote from the Ottoman era. Crazy!

As a result when he heard of this Turkish restaurant in Birmingham, he knew that we HAD to try it out! So after many failed attempts at getting the family together, we finally found a weekend that we were all free and went to Alaturka on Coventry Road.

And what a great place with great food, I was pleasantly surprised! We ordered the ‘Sultan Special’ which on the menu says is enough for 4-5 people and that platter is HUGE! My brothers are massive meat eaters and they were HUNGRYYYY but we still didn’t finish the platter, there’s that much food on it.

Sultan Special
Sultan Special

It comes with three cold mezzes for the starter which are:

  • Hummus
  • Cacik – diced cucumber in a mint yoghurt
  • Saksuka – aubergine and potatoes in a tomato sauce

In the mains you get:

  • Lamb Shish
  • Chicken Shish
  • 2 x Adana – minced lamb with spices
  • 2 x Beyti – minced chicken with garlic and spices
  • 4pcs Ribs
  • 7pcs Wings
  • Tavuk Doner – house special chicken doner
  • Kuzu Doner – house special lamb doner


There’s a great mix of meats all cooked and flavoured differently. Like you would expect this is accompanied with fresh bread, salads and a variety of sauces to round off the meal.

For dessert, we decided to try the baklava with ice cream and a Turkish tea to finish the meal off. I’ve had Turkish tea in the past which has been almost too sweet to drink but with this the sugar came separately so you could add to your taste.


Altogether the bill came to £63 which is very reasonable for the food we had. The customer service was some of the best I’ve experienced in Birmingham! Really polite and friendly waiters, pleasant manager and the whole vibe of the restaurant was really chilled and nice.

I would definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for a fix of Turkish delicacies. The food comes out quickly and is cooked to perfection.



694 – 700 Coventry Road


B10 0TT

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