Manchester: Scene Indian Street Kitchen

Scene - Pani Puri
Pani Puri


If I had to review Scene Indian Street Kitchen in one word then that would be it because the food is delicious! I’ve been wanting to go for aaages so my friends decided to take me for my birthday and I’m already looking forward to going back.

In the last few years, a lot of Indian street-food restaurants have opened up across the UK and whilst it’s not easy nailing the authentic Indian taste, Scene has managed to do it exceptionally well. The restaurant and presentation is quite fancy so if you take that all away, when you’re eating you’re back on a street in India at the lahri (stall) waiting for your next pani puri.

We went ALL OUT when ordering as you do because we really wanted to try a bit of everything 😋

Scene Handi Gosht
Scene Handi Gosht

A word of warning, the portions are MAAASIVEEE! We ordered one main between the three of us and it comes out in a huge dish – we packed most of it and I think about 5 people ate from it at home so keep that in mind when ordering!

For starters we ordered:

  • Pani Puri
  • Pau Bhaji
  • Chilli Chicken
  • Samosa Chaat (Veg)

The bread for the Pau Bhaji was so buttery that it complimented the topping really well but not overly done either cuz I know nobody likes that OTT butter taste. The Chilli Chicken was flavoured really well and had a good kick to it – if you like your food spicy then this is a must order.

With the Pani Puri you get three accompanying sauces which all have unique tastes but come together really nicely. The puri isn’t too soft either so you can fill it up – remember that these are meant to be eaten in one, if you try biting into it you’ll just cause a mess 😂

Pau Bhaji
Pau Bhaji

The main dish we ordered was the Scene Handi Gosht which is part of the Desi Dhaba menu. This was nice but not as good as the starters. On first taste, it’s not all that but after a few mouthfuls you start to really get a taste of the flavours and enjoy the dish.

Scene Handi Gosht

I liked the starters waay more than the main dish so I think we made the right decision with trying out as many starters as we could and limiting the main dish to one. If I was to go again, I think I would just stick to starters and give the main dish a miss.

I didn’t try any desserts as it was my birthday so my friends had got me a couple of cakes from Lola’s Cupcakes – you HAVE to try the Red Velvet cake from there, it’s the best Red Velvet I’ve ever had!

Samosa Chaat

I am a lover of desi tea and no matter where we go if it’s on the menu then I’ll have a cup so at this point in my life, I’m pretty much a chai connoisseur 😂 The desi chai at Scene was just average, nothing to shout home about really. I’m convinced that most places which offer desi tea have a standard tea bag which they throw in and that’s why they pretty much all taste mediocre and the same – where’s my real chai at?? 

Desi chai at Scene, Manchester
Desi Tea

The customer service was great, the place is incredibly well-decorated and there are little nodes to Indian culture throughout the restaurant from Bollywood posters to a Swinger sewing machine – it’s very on theme. Our bill came to around £66 so averaging £22 per person which I think the food was well worth.

I really liked Scene Indian Street Kitchen and whilst I know the 0161 can most definitely rival Birmingham with the amount of halal restaurants they have, I will for sure be visiting again the next time I’m in Manchester and you should too.🍴

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