Budapest: Hungry in Hungary

In our three days in Budapest, we ate at Italian, Mexican and Thai restaurants but not at a Hungarian place 🤔🤔🤔

Firstly, there are hardly any Hungarian restaurants (but an Italian every 10 steps) and secondly they eat a lot of meat and stews  which obvz isn’t going to be halal so we didn’t even attempt to look for one.

il Classico Italian

On the first day we ate at il Classico Italian. I ordered a pasta dish which as you can see looks dire and was bland AF!! I’m talking absolutely no flavour at all even after I doused it with chilli oil, salt and pepper! Aaand it came out COLDDDD, I had to send it back because that’s just not on! Altogether very unimpressed with this place and wouldn’t recommend at all.

Arriba Taquiera
Arriba Taqueria

For Mexican, we ate at Arriba Taqueria which was probably the best meal we had our whole trip so you get how mediocre the food was. It might’ve been cuz we had just finished from the thermal baths, had walked 30 minutes and were ravenous by this point but the food was really good. I ordered a vegetarian quesadilla with nachos. You get to choose how spicy, the veggies you want and sauces. The quesadilla was cooked really well to just a crisp and oozing with flavours. It was a good find on the main street and really well decorated inside.

Chimney cake

One of the foods Hungary is famous for is the chimney cake or Kürtőskalács. This is a sweet cake (but not that sweet!) shaped like a chimney which you can have with a variety of toppings including sugar, nutella, cinnamon or nuts. This is okay, I was expecting it to be sweeter and there’s a mild bitter taste which comes through and can be a little eurghh. I got mine covered in sugar and it’s best eaten warm. I left half to eat a little later and by then the taste had got a little weirdddd.

Each chimney cake is between 900-1200 (£2.50 – £3.50) HUF depending on what topping you have.

Low Carb
Low Carb pancakes with nutella and peach jam

On our last day, we ate breakfast at a place called Low Carb.

I know you shouldn’t say this about food but this place was actually disgusting 🙄

The pancakes were raw and runny inside, the fake nutella was gross and the peach jam was sickening! We should’ve known better than to eat at a place called ‘Low Carb’ but we were starving and after walking around in the blistering cold, we just wanted to eat somewhere and warm up! Do not eat here!


Mmmmmmm this Thai food was bombbbbbb!! The restaurant was called Pad Thai Wok Bar and the food was packed with flavour, crunch and piping hot, perfect on a cold day! We had seen this place the day before and knew we had to come back to it and it did’nt disappoint. I ordered brown rice with veggies and chilli sauce and it was goooood. We all got a main dish each, drinks and some shrimp for starters and paid 16.500 HUF which is about £46 so reasonably priced. The restaurant is nice and the staff were surprisingly friendly so a nice place to eat.

Yes this is a stupid thing to do but Gelato Roses are a big thing in Buda so you can’t go alll the wayyy there and not try it right? RIGHT? I chose walnut and Oreo ice creams and they were nice enough! #DidItForTheSnapReally

Gelato Rose
Gelato Rose

To be honest, the food in Budapest wasn’t great. We found ourselves going into restaurants and coffee shops a lot more than normal just to escape the cold. The currency is ridiculously confusing as well compared to GBP or EUR so you’re paying for stuff in the thousands so it’s difficult to really understand how much something is costing you.

On the positive side, they have a lot of different coffee shops so if you’re a caffeine drinker, you would love that. I had the best ‘skinny chai latte extra hot’ from Costa in Budapest so that’s something.


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