Leicester: Fernandez Grill House

‘Let’s do something!?’

‘Yeah shall we go eat?? But I want something different’

‘Me too, but I don’t know what! Where shall we go?’

‘Let’s have a look and we’ll decide’

Who can relate to this convo ALL THE TIME??

When you wanna go out with the crew but  don’t know where?!??!

giphy (2)

A few weeks ago we decided to go to Fernandez Grill House in Leicester. The menu looked good online and I asked my friend who recommended it highly so we tried it out.

We booked a table whilst en-route but when we got there the place was empty and has lots of seating so we got a table straightaway. It’s got an American diner vibe with lots of colour.

For starters we ordered nachos (we get these EVERYWHERE we go, it’s me I’m a nacho fiend 😂😂), mango prawns and halloumi fries. It took about 15 minutes for our food to come out and was hot on arrival! The nachos were nice but the salsa, guacamole and sour cream come separately which is looong and makes it harder to eat – trust me I’m an expert LOL!

The mango prawns were delicious as were the halloumi fries which finished almost instantly – we were hungryyyyyyy!

For mains, I ordered the chicken sizzler which is described as “shredded marinated spicy chicken breast pieces, served on a bed of spicy rice, chips and onions. Covered in a melted cheese and green chilli”.

The dish is exactly like that and delicious! The portions are huge tho so I had to pack more than half of it to take home – I have two brothers who will literally eat anything so they enjoyed the rest! The entire dish is really well-seasoned and definitely spicy. I think the chips and rice are a little much so an option were you choose between the two would be good.

We ordered a couple of different dishes and everybody really liked their meal. We all left with to-go bags so that’s a good sign!

Their burger menu is impressive! They have some HUGEEEE burgers which all sound delicious! This is the Americana burger which comes with cheese, gherkins, two patties, lettuce and friend onions! You can choose whether to have chicken, beef or veggie patties so options for everyone. This was also a win!

All in all, we had a nice evening out at Fernandez Grill House in Leicester. The restaurant is cool and quirky, service was pleasant and the food was delicious. I’d give it an 7/10 as whilst I enjoyed my meal, I won’t be rushing back anytime soon.

If you wanna check it out, this is the address:

Fernandez Grillhouse
10 Friar Lane

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