Why is packing so much stress?

As much as I love travelling, I HATE PACKING!

200w_d (1)

I hate it even more when there’s only a hand luggage allowance so I have to try and fit everything into a tiny suitcase!

I wish I was one of those ‘chuck four outfits’ in and be done kinda people but I am the complete opposite! I always convince myself that I need a few more things just in case -which end up resulting in an overflowing suitcase and a very stressed Zayna.


I got one person telling me to roll my clothes, the other to lay them as flat as possible and tbh I just feel like chucking everything in and zipping it up!

I don’t actually do this because that would be really stupid!

My suitcase is the standard cabin size from Primark.

My last few holidays have been winter breaks (I’m talking -9 in Budapest 😩) so extra layers have been a must!


I need a damn packing strategy but I don’t have one so this is how the process goes…

  1. I start with laying everything out – outfits, pyjamas, shoes, toiletries and a couple of extra things (this always ends up being clothes).
  2. Shoes, jeans and toiletries take up the most space so I pack those first. (Tip: It’s a given that before any holiday, I’ll have ordered a few things online so I wrap my shoes in those plastic bags to keep them away from clothes and I’m desi so it’s better than using a 5p bag for dirty shoes haha yes I’m a cheapskate 😂😂)
  3. I add in my makeup, dresses, skirts and pyjamas as they’re relatively small and can be stuffed in smaller places.
  4. I look at my suitcase and get stressed as there’s no room and still like 10 things to pack.
  5. Sooooooo I take everything out and start again😭
  6. Everything gets folded really small and I think yes it’s finally going to fit.
  7. Then I realise I forgot something ffs!! Stuff that in and keep going!!
  8. Congratulate myself on making progress and having my suitcase fully packed and ready 😊 (it may or may not take more than three attempts to get here!)
  9. Second-guess my outfits and think maybe I should’ve taken something else 🤦🏾‍♀️
  10. Put liquids into a clear bag and pack my backpack.
  11. Contemplate how many things I can realistically hold in my hand and if I need that extra scarf (yes I do need it!)

Haha writing it out makes me sound completely absurd but this is literally what happens EVERY TIME I pack!! Help a girl out and let me know how to make this easier please!


giphy (1)

(All gifs from Giphy)

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