36 hours in Brussels 🇧🇪: What I did

Grande Place

Our trip to Brussels is a blur!

It was the shortest weekend break you could go on and I think we only had about 4 hours sleep over two days but it was worth it as we had a really good time. Now I know it must seem like I say that a lot but like I mentioned in my blog ‘The Gang’ anytime we’re together we have a good time! Amara, Nadu, Minnie and I went to Brussels – it was our first holiday without Mariam who has joined the married girls club 😔


The deal ✈️

Travel agency: Voyage Prive 

Dates: 11th – 13th November 2017

Price: £126 each

Airline: Ryanair

Hotel: NH Brussels Grand Place Arenberg 


Our Brussels trip was super short so we didn’t get to explore that much but we did go to the top of the Atomium, see the iconic Belgian ‘Manneken Pis’ statue and the market in Grande Place.

Our hotel was ideally located, so a 5 minute walk took us straight into the heart of the city. As we went during the festive season there were cute market stalls selling knick-knacks and food set-up in Grande Place which was nice.



You can’t go to Belgium and not eat a waffle and you can find a shop every 10 steps. They look absolutely delicious to the point where you’re drooling when you see them covered in fruit and chocolate sauce – you HAVE to try at least one 😍😍!

Belgian Waffles, Chocolate sauce

You also HAVE to get chocolate, I mean it’s meant to be the best in the world! There are probably a 100 chocolate shops in Grande Place ranging from high-end to low-end with matching price tags. Every store gives samples so after the second store it can get quite sickening. If you’re looking to do Brussels as cheap as possible then pretty much every shop gives out freebies so just go from shop to shop and indulge😋

Some of the chocolatiers we tried and really liked were:

  • Leonidas
  • Godiva
  • Galler
  • Neuhaus

Be sure to buy some to bring back home mmm they are delicious!



We stayed in the NH Brussels Grand Place Arenberg and it wasn’t a pleasant stay.

Whilst the location of the hotel was great and very close to Grande Place, I would not stay there again. We had to move three times on a 2 day stay due to multiple problems with our rooms.

Given that we went in November and it was winter, the heating didn’t work in any of the rooms we were moved too.

There was also no hot water in the shower, the plugs didn’t work and the toilet didn’t flush.

Despite being moved three times, we had the same problems in every room so it was an issue across the hotel. It was a shame as the location is great but I wouldn’t stay there again.

The service was good as they upgraded us to the penthouse suite and gave us some complimentary chocolate however the problems persisted. Breakfast was decent and Amara must’ve eaten all the mushrooms in Brussels in one sitting 😆

Zayna’s advice:

  • If you’re looking for somewhere to do a super-short weekend break then definitely consider Brussels.
  • I imagine it’s nicer in the winter and around the festive season as everything is just cuter and prettier so look at going then.
  • Go chocolate shopping on an empty stomach and make sure you’ve got space in your suitcase as you will get carried away 🍫
  • To get around, we used Uber and found it really quick and easy. Local taxis can be a little tricky to find but the locals can speak basic English 🚕
  • Saying that it’s a city which is best explored on foot so take a walk around to appreciate the architecture and monuments.

2 thoughts on “36 hours in Brussels 🇧🇪: What I did

  1. Hi Zayna, it was a pleasure looking at your blog. Love what you have written & pics are amazing. Wishing you all the very best & success in all your endeavors. Looking forward to all your future posts, pics & travel experiences! All the very best sweetie. Love Aarifa Khala

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