Merhaba Antalya 🇹🇷


Antalya is BEAUTIFUL and very picturesque. The people are lovely and you can experience some great local culture.

We booked Antalya for Mariam’s hen-do and whilst we could’ve gone somewhere warmer/well-known, we had a great time, as always. The idea of Antalya came up when Nadu, Minnie and I met a lovely lady in Dubai who was from there and suggested it so we took her advice.


We stayed in a really nice hotel that overlooked some stunning mountains and was a short walk away from Konyaalti Beach (pebble beach). Our holiday was in late-March so it was just warming up for the summer. We were warm enough in the daytime but a tad chilly in the evenings.


The deal

Travel agency:

Dates: 23rd Mar – 27th Mar

Price: £263pp

Hotel:Crowne Plaza Antalya 

Airline: Thomas Cook Airline


Crowne Plaza Antalya lobby

We stayed at the reputable Crowne Plaza Antalya so expected a certain standard which was met by the hotel. The staff were very friendly, rooms were clean and never declined any additional amenities (even when Mariam was ordering 5 bathrobes every single day😂). Breakfast was included and they had a range of local Turkish delicacies, fruits, pastries and cereals available. The pool overlooked the beach and there were mountainous views for as far as the eye could see.

If you’re looking to have a completely relaxed holiday and don’t want to venture into the heart of Antalya this is a nice place to stay however it is a short distance away from the hustle bustle of the city.


It seems like there’s a restaurant on every corner in Antalya so it’s very easy to find somewhere to eat. Everywhere is halal but we would still ask just in case.

The restaurants we ate at were:

  • McDonalds (you can’t go to a country with a halal Maccies and not have it at least once right?)
  • Iskele Fish & Steak House – the food was very average here but it was one of the first restaurants we saw on our first evening there and we were all starving so we just risked it
  • Big Yellow Taxi – a typical burger and fries joint reminiscent of an American diner


Attractions/what we did

Whenever I go abroad I like to get a feel of the local culture and people which for me is the whole point of travelling. The markets in Antalya are bustling with spices, Turkish delight, honey, crafts, plenty of fake designer bags and other local delicacies so our day spent perusing the local markets was great and even though we looked like tourists we didn’t get any hassle at all.

Spice Market, Turkey



Antalya is apparently known for it’s excursions so you’d think it would be relatively easy to find and book but nope not the case.

We did manage to book a quad-biking excursion from a very-dodgy guy which came with it’s fair share of drama. On getting to the bikes, we were told that we needed to pay again as the agent hadn’t sent the money, there was a bit of back and forth for a while till eventually they let us go quad-biking but it was very annoying.

We also went to Hadrian’s Gate and the old town of Kaleici. The vibe in Kaleici is really nice, it’s chilled with restaurants and cafes lining the cobbled paths leading you to a stunning marina with some of the most creatively designed and spooky boats I’ve ever seen. It’s a must if you’re in Antalya.


My advice:

  • Book all your excursions beforehand and preferably online before flying out  as we had alot of trouble booking quad-biking as we couldn’t communicate with the locals and were getting a very wide range of prices so pretty sure we were probably being scammed
  • Definitely book the day trip and go to Pamukkale which are the hot springs, I wish we had done that because it looks so stunning and I’ve had glowing reviews from friends




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