The Gang


If you’ve got the right company then even going to get tea can turn into a good time and I’m blessed to have just that!

Without getting all emotional, my cousins and I are all extremely close (A’H) and we spend a lot of time together. There’s a big group of about 12 of us but a few are married and have babies so the group is getting smaller and smaller.

Despite all the family occasions, weddings and Eid celebrations, pretty much every weekend turns into some sort of a mission.

Most of my holidays are with them because we always have a good time together and you need that when you go away. Don’t get me wrong there have been some arguments – door-gate in Madrid being the biggest – but let’s not get into that 😂😂

Let me introduce you to them:

  • Minnie – she may be the youngest of the crew but fancies herself the ‘holiday mum’ as she will take your passport and she will look after it. So witty and will cuss you and your mum down before you even realise what happened.
  • Nadu – if we’re leaving at 9pm, Nadu will start getting ready at 9:15pm and we ALWAYS end up waiting for her. Somehow manages to balance university life with a social life because she can never say no to us – probs find her in the gym or on the toilet.
  • Amara – if you look at her for more than 0.26 seconds, she will end your life… literally! Always saying the most inappropriate thing at the most inappropriate of times, like her fave brother’s name!
  • Mariam – you know that person who just says the dumbest thing you could ever think of and you’re just sat there thinking ‘what on earth did you just say?’… yes well that’s Mariam for you! I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve had real tears laughing at something she’s said.

They sound crazy and intense because they are but nobody makes me laugh as much as they do, once I’ve understood what they’ve actually said! Shouts to Rae, Zainab and  Koko my loves who round the group out but have ‘married-girl’ responsibilities so can’t go abroad with us.

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