Jordan: The Forgotten Refugees 

I don’t even know how to put into words the people we saw and stories we heard today!!
Like the whole world, the Syrian crisis cuts deep and the pain felt for the refugees is like no other but as a global community we have completely ignored the plight of the Somali and Sudanese refugees.
Their conditions are equally as bad if not worse, they left their countries with nothing, fled war and militia regime with the hope of finding peace and sanctuary in another country… Yet it was not meant to be.
They live in Jordan with limited income purely from the UNHCR, if they get a food parcel from a charity they eat otherwise they beg… We distributed some of the food packs you all kindly donated today and there are no words for me to tell you how appreciative they were. It’s a position we can never ever imagine ourselves in, your kindness has not gone in vain.
We met a wife raped continuously in front of her husband, young boys raped because of their skin colour and babies suffering from various sicknesses with no medicine to bring ease. The faces will stay with me forever, their homes, their situation, the look in their eyes – it’s not something that will go away.
As you go to sleep today, please remember them in your prayers. If you can donate then please, I urge you do but if not then say a prayer for them. Surely we are all the same, a global family, siblings across borders.


Water tank donated to Syrian refugees in Jordan


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