Mixed Emotions…

Today we came face to face with the harsh realities of the Syrian crisis. We have all heard the stories of the situation here and seen the videos but nothing could have prepared us for what we saw in the evening.

Our day began on quite the opposite scale to how it begun. We were all psyched and ready to deliver the aid boxes which we had packed yesterday full of the essential items for a family. We picked up our aid from the warehouse and made our way to Madaba Community Centre where the JHCO (Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organization) had congregated all the refugees to whom we would be delivering aid. The Jordanians already have a good system in place when it comes to delivering the aid within which they assisted us in ensuring that the most needed where receiving the aid. We delivered the aid to each person and the smiles on the faces when we gave them the boxes warmed each of our hearts. There were also many beautiful children wondering about who seriously made our entire trip worthwhile. The children remain oblivious to the ongoings around them so they roam with their pure hearts and innocent faces. May Allah always keep these smiles on their faces and bring happiness in their lives insha’Allah.

As the delivery had gone so well, we were all incredibly happy which may have been why what we saw in the evening affected us so much. Can you imagine having a successful career as a lawyer and a family of young kids and having to leave your entire life, job, home and friends to flee to another country as your child’s life is at risk? This is just one story of many we were told at Camp Sahil Al-Gab today. As we stood shivering in the cold, we were all shocked into silence as we were told how that particular family had to leave their home and were now living in a tent made out of plastic sheets and curtain which they had tried to make as homely as possible. Despite all that has happened to them, they were still so hospitable and welcomed into their homes with open arms. Even with so little and the world of difficulties facing them, they still have a smile on their faces and are thankful to have escaped the situation in Syria.




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