The Work Begins…

Today was our first full day in Jordan and what a day it was. We started a little later than anticipated which I have begun to expect when coming on a trip like this as unexpected issues always arise and as a result the itinerary changes a lot however we still managed to do all which we needed to do.

Our task for the day was to pack and prepare the boxes which we will be delivering to Syrian refugees tomorrow. Many of the items we packed today were everyday necessities which I’m sure the people of Syria didn’t think twice about 3 years ago yet today they rely on our aid and your donations for things like soap, socks and nappies. We filled over 200 boxes of aid with roughly 30 items which will be given to families in the camp. The aim of the box is to provide the entire family with something important be that milk powder for young kids, nappies for children or hygiene products for women.

We were joined on our packing day by an aid worker from the charity United Muslims Relief in the United States of America. They do a lot of work in these disaster areas and are partnering with Islamic Help in delivering these essential boxes to the Syrian refugees. He is an amazing guy masha’Allah who has seen a lot of tragedy in his work across these areas but has warned us to prepare ourselves for the camps as we are in for a shock. I don’t know how to prepare myself. I do know that it’s just not possible to prepare myself, I pray that we can bring them some ease and happiness even if it is for a short while. I wasn’t at all ready for this trip and unlike Africa I haven’t had months to prepare my mind or heart for that matter, so tomorrow is going to be quite the day. However I’m ready for what the day will bring and I cannot wait to get started.


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